Know the Guidelines for Using Blackhead Remover

Blackhead is a common problem for most people, whether they are young or old. Blackhead is a particular type of acne that resembles little blackish dots often seen on the cheeks, forehead, and nose. Excessive blackheads can severely affect a person's self-esteem. If anyone has visible blackheads on the face, it might be necessary to use blackhead removers to keep the skin clear and good-looking.

There are different blackhead removers available on the market. These can be in the form of extractors, cream, strips or metal handles, and natural home remedies. You can select one of these ways based on your personal choice. However, be sure to follow the guidelines on using blackhead removers, as explained below:

  • Wash your hands properly before using any blackhead remover. It will prevent the transmission of germs and bacteria from your hands to your face, complicating the acne state.
  • Take lukewarm water and wash your face with it. It is also recommended to remove blackheads immediately after taking a shower with warm water. It can open up your pores further to help remove blackheads. 
  • Choose the most appropriate option of blackhead remover based on the severity of the state and efficiency. Strips, creams, extractors, and natural home remedies can be used for minor blackheads. However, consult a dermatologist to treat severe forms to prevent scarring. 
  • Creams and strips are the most convenient, as they are only applied to where multiple blackheads are found. Extractors or metal ties are tools used to get rid of blackheads.  
  • When buying a blackhead remover, please read the instructions, and follow them carefully. Some blackhead removers contain antibacterial agents and other chemicals, which can only be applied for a definite amount of time and should strictly not exceed the specified time. 
  • Do not open your pores with your bare hands. Also, do not squeeze or force deep-seated blackheads, as they can inflame pores and cause more infections. Tightening can increase the pore size of the skin, and more blackheads will appear in that area. Scars are also more likely.
  • After removing blackheads, wash your skin with cold water to close the pores and prevent dirt and dust from accumulating in the pores again.

After applying blackhead removers, keep your face oil and dirt free by washing it twice a day. Take steps to help prevent blackheads and other acne conditions from recurring.